Our Board

Doug Franz – President has been a competitive cyclist since an early age. He has an MBA degree, but prefers to use his undergraduate degrees in theater and engineering to show students the elegance and magic of the modern bicycle. Besides being the president of CCBW, he is also the Materials Manager at Mattei Transit Engineering, a small manufacturer of air compressors in Randallstown, MD with global headquarters in Italy.

Fred Sharpe – Vice President has over 30 years experience working in recreation with special needs children and adults. He has planned sports activities, social events, bike safety events, and fund raisers for a wide range of non-profits in the Philadelphia area. In addition to the planning, he has a long history of running and training groups in recreational activities.

Fred’s interest in biking started with John King asking him to take care of his bike during the time he was away at the University of Miami. His good friend Big Jim Mosley started to participate in all types of biking events in the Philadelphia area with Fred trying to keep up. (We not only had traditional sports, but cycling to share with each other also.) We soon found out that being Black and riding was not a new thing at all. Cycling has a history of people of color participating at all levels. This activity is like other positive activities a way to meet nice people and have a healthy life style, in Fred Sharpe’s view point.

Lesa Franz –  Treasurer  enjoys the outdoors, gardening, hiking, camping and especially bicycling  She is a long distance cyclist doing 100km and 100 mile rides each weekend during the bicycling season.  As an amateur athlete she understands what is involved in improving one’s self to reach a goal.

Professionally, Ms. Franz has over twenty-five years experience in business and accounting. She works for HyperCat ACP, a catalyst company in West Chester. She holds a business degree from Wayland Baptists University and a Masters in Arts Administration from Drexel University. Ms Franz has worked with several local non-profits by establishing good business practices, coordinating development and fundraising efforts.

Ray McGlew – enjoys taking the long road home and using his GPS  to look for new geocach sites’.